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In my free time, I love being with my own family which includes my husband, our son, and two dogs. We love watching movies and I know more about superheroes than most! On my own, I really enjoy learning. I have made a hobby out of attending courses and collecting certifications. I’m a certified yoga teacher and reiki master to name a few and periodically offer classes. I love education so much that I received my Master of Education in May of 2023! What excites me so much about learning is having the opportunity to then share with others.    

My Story

​Hello, I’m Megan Shook and I provide Wraparound to Marion and the surrounding counties. Prior to moving to central Indiana, I provided Wraparound in the Northeast region of Indiana. What I love about the Wraparound program is that it brings family members closer together and closer to their community. My work before entering the social work field was in public health. I graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master’s in Applied Health Sciences. During graduate school I worked for Americorps’s State and National program, and after graduation went to work for Purdue University’s Extension Service. There, I developed health curriculum and supported local community coalitions including a health coalition, local foods coalition, and anti-bullying coalition. My interests are great, but it always come back to supporting the advancement of healthy families in my community. I provide High-Fidelity Wraparound and encourage families to develop efficacy and personal agency throughout the Wraparound process. My goal is to help families see and reach their potential.   


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