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Hello there!! My name is Christine Johnson, and I am a Wrap Facilitator with Integrated Supports & Facilitation. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, who are very important to my mental health. My two daughters who keep me on my toes and always manage to keep a smile on my face with music in the background. Oh yeah don’t forget the good food we gather around at least twice a week as a family. I love to have retail therapy, snuggling with my girls and kitty Baxter who runs the home, going for walks, beaches with amazing sunsets are important since I am from the east coast originally,

My Story

I have worked in the intellectual and developmentally disabled community for over 20 years, BDDS waiver world which I started as a direct care staff and worked my way up to a COO. In the field I have learned to have a great level of patience and empathy for all those I come across. Now working 2.5 years as a Wrap Facilitator has given me an eye opener as to how I can apply my patience, humor, loving, and empathy to our families that we assist by being their person with a smile and a kind word.  received my MBA in Healthcare Management from Indiana Wesleyan University and continued to work side by side with families and individuals within the mental health DMHA/BDDS department of the state Indiana. I am currently partnering with families in Hendricks, Johnson, Boone, and Marion county.

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