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Stacy is quite a unique and unforgettable soul with a contagious, charismatic personality. She is often described as having a warm, comical, friendly, soothing, yet stern disposition. Stacy is a divergent thinker. She is curious, creative, adaptable, innovative, and a gifted problem solver. Stacy is fearless in her many interests and creative pursuits. In her spare time, Stacy enjoys spending time with her family, golfing, painting, crafting, playing a variety of instruments, watching movies, reading and writing books. When asked which story book character she identifies with the most, without hesitation, Stacy replied, “Mary Poppins, of course!” Stacy’s personality and fun clothing style are sure signs that she is in sync with that character!

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My Story

Stacy is a High-Fidelity Wraparound Facilitator serving the Vanderburgh, Warrick, and Gibson County families. Prior to becoming a Wrap Facilitator, Stacy had many years of experience in public service. Throughout childhood, Stacy served her community as a Girl Scout and 4-H member. Once she reached adulthood, Stacy continued with her commitment to public service as a 4-H and Girl Scout leader. In college, Stacy studied Elementary Education and graduated from OCU with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Following college, Stacy’s passion for helping families in need continued within the mental health realm. Stacy has been a residential teacher, detention teacher, a foster care case worker, a family case manager and a skills development specialist. It was during her time as a family case manager, that Stacy was introduced to the Wraparound process where she realized becoming a Wraparound Facilitator was her true calling. Stacy is a problem-solver by nature. Stacy is passionate about helping families find their way through the most trying times. Stacy believes that everyone has worth and value and should be treated with respect. Stacy strives to instill hope in families. Stacy works hard to help children and their families recognize that their story is a story of strength and resilience. Everyone has baggage. Baggage is simply their specialty tools forged to meet tomorrow’s barriers.

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